Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back From Vacation in Texas

We finally got back from vacation on Saturday, August 4th after spending a week and a half in hot scorching Texas. One day the temperature got as high as 112 degrees. We've been wanting to go to Texas for a while and Glenn Beck's Restoring Love event pushed us to finally take the journey. The drive wasn't bad, it was shorter than driving to New York.

On Thursday we went to see the first ever FreedomWorks FreePac event which was a day of patriots  discussing how we can take back our country and restore it to what our founding fathers intended it to be, a country based on the Constitution and the bible with freedoms granted to us by God. Those that came from around the world came to learn how they can restore their own countries.

Friday was spent at the Under God Indivisible: A day of Renewed Focus on Faith, Family and Freedom in America. It was attended by Pastors, Ministers and Reverends from around the country. It was a very inspirational event. We must all return to God for his forgiveness and his protection from the evil that has been lurking within our country for decades.

Saturday was the main even, Glenn Beck's Restoring Love at Cowboy Stadium. It was phenomenal! Even though we waited two and a half hours out side in the squelching heat of Texas. I posted pictures of the events on my blog at You can also watch all three events on

And wouldn't you know it that night upon returning to the place we were staying, I stubbed by toe into the metal luggage rack and spent the rest of the week limping right along. We rested Sunday and Monday because my foot was swollen from the injury of the previous night.

On Tuesday we visited the Southfork Ranch where some of the Dallas series was recorded and we went to see the exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls. On Wednesday our first stop was Chick-Fil-A for the Day of Appreciation, it was jammed pack. Then we headed out to Dallas to visit the location where JFK was shot, the JFK Memorial and museum. 

We wanted to stop by the Rosa Parks memorial but we weren't sure where it was so we decided to ask an officer who then told us not to cross in the middle of the road, where the train ran through, otherwise we would receive a $2,500 fine. After that is was crosswalks all the way! We stopped by the Rosa Parks memorial and took some photos. It wasn't fun for my foot because we had to walk three blocks there and three blocks back to the parking lot.

On Thursday we rested and hung by the pool for a while, it was too hot! My foot needed the rest, the swelling and pain was not fun and I don't think the heat helped any either. Friday morning we headed home. You can see the pictures I posted from our vacation at my blog at 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Falling Skies Is Back On TNT & So Is Dallas

My goodness I can't believe one whole year has almost gone by since my last post. Yes I've been lost in the world of everyday life. I'll try to write more often but don't quote me on that. You know how you get busy with other things in life. 

Anyway I'm so glad Falling Skies is back on TNT. It's about aliens attacking and trying to destroy our planet. (We know there are no such things as aliens because government has told us for years UFO don't exist, or do they?) The planet and livelihood of humanity is at stake. The few people that survived within their town have pulled together and formed a group to fight the aliens and try to save humanity.  As always there are rebels within the group and the rebel and leaders don't trust each other. The aliens want the children for programming and some children have already been programmed to work with the aliens. 

This is the second season of the show but as the series goes on every show just gets better. My favorite characters are Noah Wyle who plays Tom Mason; Colin Cunningham who plays John Pope and Will Patton who plays Captain Weaver. 

I also found out that Dallas is back on the air. No not the old Dallas a new Dallas. Some of the old characters are in the new show like Larry Hagman who played J.R. Ewing and Linda Grey who played Sue Ellen Ewing is also back on the show. Patrick Duffy who plays Bobby Ewing, J.R.'s brother is back too. I use to watch this show back in the days. There was so much family drama for the rich Ewings, and J.R. surely hasn't changed. The show is also on TNT. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Falling Skies on SYFY

Falling Skies is another one of those shows where the aliens come to Earth and supposedly attack the people. The people in turn fight back in order to protect the group and destroy the enemy, the aliens. This one however was different for me. It demonstrated the unity of family especially when loved ones are killed. It showed how civilians care for one another and participate within the group as a team. It was about surviving in harsh conditions with minimal supplies, gathering what they can while the enemy lurks close by hunting for the young children.

This was one show I really enjoyed. It has been a while since I sat down to watch a show and watched the whole season. I'm glad that I made a point to watch it. There are so many other shows that I started watching but eventually lost interest. This was not one of them.

I don't like the fact that I have to wait until next year to continue watching a show that I got hooked on. Guess I have no choice but to wait and hope that come next year I haven't lost interest.

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